Use this page to put out a search for former Oppo's.  Don't forget to include your Email - your (Australian) phone number is optional, so that the person you're searching for can contact you.  Entries without your contact details will simply be ignored.


    Hint 1:    A search of the National Archives web site either as a registered searcher (registration is free) or as a guest, may bring up the person you're searching for, provided that they were discharged from the service more than 30 years ago, and give you their Official Number, DOB and place of enlistment.  Unfortunately, no other information is available from the NAA site, but at least the information that is available would be a starting point.  The Nominal roll of Vietnam Veterans is also a good place to look if the person you are searching for is a Vietnam Veteran.

    Hint  2:    Please check our Greenies full membership listing (on the HOME page) first, before making an entry, to see if the person you're searching for is already on our lists.  If you are not registered yourself, you can register by clicking the "Leave Details" button at the left and then make your search in a day or so.  If you're not a registered PussersGreenie then simply do a search and be prepared for the "Already Registered" note to be added to your search.

    Hint  3:    If you know the area/location where the person resides, please check the Telstra White pages online, before making an entry here as this may give you his/her address and phone number provided that it's not a silent number.

    Hint  4:    Please check this listing for the person you're searching.  They may have already been found, or they may even be searching for someone themselves.  Doing this will avoid your search being labelled with an "Already Found" note.  To find a name, you will need to look through each page of the search file.

    Hint  5:    To help prevent SPAM, our system will reformat your email address to a graphic. Perhaps as well as something like  darrell {at} pussersgreenies [dot] org  This format makes it extremely difficult for web crawlers to harvest your email address for adding to SPAM lists.

We will leave your search details here for at least three months, depending on the number of people entering details.  (We don't want the file to become too large).  We'll also add people that others may be searching for.  If you see your name here, it's up to you to contact the person who is looking for you - we respect your privacy, and we will not divulge any personal information without your permission.

The NEW search pages have your email address in a graphic so that it cannot be read by an 'Internet robot'. It can, however, be read by a human and to send an email to the person posting a search, you will need to enter his/her email address manually into your email client

Please report all founds to the Webmaster so our search pages can be updated with a "found" indication against the search name.

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