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There is a new form for most medal applications and replacement - now with a SINGLE common address for all three ADF Services.  This form is now available by clicking here.  A separate form (click the names following) is now available for the issue of the Australian Defence Medal and another for the Pingat Jasa Malaysia (PJM) medal.  You will also need more information to pass on for these medals, so go to our NEWS page for guidelines. Both the PJM and ADM are currently being or have been issued to those who applied earlier.
Click here for a pdf file on the order of precedence of wearing Australian and foreign medals.

We have added another form (click here) - this time from the ATO for claiming GST exemption on motor vehicles and parts for Special Rate (TPI) disability pension recipients.

Today, Friday January 28:
We wish a very Happy Birthday to


This web site has been set up in an attempt to gather as many Pussers Greenies and ex-Greenies as possible with the ultimate aim of possibly forming an association at some future date.

Latest News Snippets

We still have available the PussersGreenies Bumper Sticker - TWO for only $5 or FIVE for $10 both INCLUDING postage.  Order yours from the Members page - click the 'Order Polos & other Rabbits' button to both order and see a print of the sticker.

Please check our "Latest News" page for updates on reunions and information on the state Greenies Meet & Greets in your area.  We may even try to organise more regional Meet & Greets for those unable to get to their state capital.

Also check our "Health Issues" page for updates

There is also some information and application forms on the news page for the new Malaysian medal, as well as a link to the VRB website which has most of the extra information you will require to complete your application.

If You'd Like to Join Us

To join our Group, please complete the form available here, which can also be reached by clicking the *Leave Details* button at the left.   Joining our Group costs nothing and you may gain the company of some of your previous oppo's.   Either way, we're sure that you will get some benefit from the Group - after all, we were/are ALL PussersGreenies (not to be confused with 'tree-huggers').

Our Mission

To initially collect contact information on as many Pussers Greenies and ex-Greenies as possible for the purpose of having a convenient database of details to enable us to easily disseminate information about our planned reunion(s), latest DVA news and information and other Veterans information including health issues.  To this end, we are asking that you please fill in the leave details form elsewhere on this website.

Our Newsletters

The latest issues of "GreenRubs" and the "RAN Radio Mechanics Newsletter" are available by clicking on the titles.   The previous issue of the RAN Radion Mechanics Newsletter is here as well.   They are in PDF format, for which you'll need Adobe Reader.  You can get the reader, if you don't already have it, from the Adobe Web Site - but be warned, it is a LARGE file (around 45Mb)  !!

Get the Adobe Reader here    (it's free).

Name Badge   

We have available a PussersGreenies name badge with clear 'doming' and either a pin or magnetic clasp   (see right).  This badge costs AU$20 which includes P&H.  Access to the form is via the Order List page for registered Greenies only. 

If you're not registered, please do it here and in a couple of days, you'll be able to order your own Greenies name badge.

Our Email Contact Information

Peter Maher was the driving force behind this group ably assisted by Pincher Martin and Pete McGurk, with Darrell Hegarty as the webmaster.  John Bolton has recently joined the "Team" to help out in Peter's absence.  These PussersGreenies may be contacted by email as below, for more information.

Full contact details (Phone, Snail Mail & Email) for each of the "Team" are available from the *Members Page*.

Darrell HEGARTY  
Pincher MARTIN  
Pete McGURK  


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