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Relocated 15 February 2005 HEALTH WARNING - BERYLLIUM

This section has been relocated to our "Health Issues" page.

Modified 4 April 2006 MALAYSIAN MEDAL ISSUE

Here's one for we "older" Greenies . . . .  (those serving somewhat before 1966).

The new Malaysian medal (Pingat Jasa Malaysia) application forms are now available on the DVA website and we have also made all three available here.  There is the eligibility criteria, a form for a posthumous claim and a form for a claim from a person still serving, or now discharged.

To complete the application form, a lot of extra information is required, such as ships served on and actual dates served in the particular areas. All of this information is available on the Internet by going to the Veterans Review Board website and hunting around carefully to find your ship and the dates.  There is a link at the top right (the Navy anchor) which will take you to a list of RAN ships and their dates of Operational Service.

It may be an idea to print the information available from the website, and send it as a separate attachment together with your completed application.

We have received information that, if you apply for this medal and get a knock back from Pussers saying that you do not have the required length of service in the area, or for almost any other reason, you should appeal or object in writing asking (or telling) them that your calculations allow you to arrive at an entirely different answer.  Do this as soon as you receive your notification.  In almost all cases, this appeal has resulted in a change of "heart" by Pussers and the eligibility for the medal has then been approved.