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Some early MORAN Division photos and "L" School group pics

(L) Rankin 9/83-84 Class taken in 1958

LtoR, Top to Bottom: 

D Rushworth, M Rickard, M Shanahan, D Rhodes, S Coates, N Sutherland, W Shaw
G Sarre, R Silver, J O'Connell, R Pritchard, M Scrace, C McGregor, D Shepherd
W Partridge, J Palmer, L Swain, R Rutherford (Chief), T Maunder (Chief), G Protheroe, DL Smith

(L) Moran-37 class taken in July 1958.

 Rear, LtoR:  ? Smith, Leon Semmler, ? Patterson, John Rosewarne, Dick Steingrube, Geoff Royle, Sandy McNab, Tony Sullivan.  Front, LtoR:  Doug Manners, Ian Ross, P Vidulich, PO Taylor (Instructor), Don Spencer, Des (Squizzy) Taylor, Dave Oliver.  Seated:  Alan Stringer, Noel (Shorty) MacPherson.

(R) Moran-41 class, taken in 1958

Back (LtoR) Jim Conroy, Brian Gray, Garry Hooper, Bernie Collins, Buzz Bryant, Bill Hillzinger, Vince Griffin.  Front (LtoR)  Kelvin Coker, Gavin Greer, Vic Marsh (Instructor), Ian Bland, Graham Barnett

(R) Moran-42 class, taken in 1958

Back (LtoR)  Bob Perronet, Jake Newman, Barry Lane, Lofty Ritchie, Brian (Fats) Levett, John Metherall.  Front (LtoR)  Tom Jarrett, Graham Ogg, Instructor Blackie Dowson, Ron Morris and Oscar Johannsen.

(L) Moran-49 class taken in 1959

Front L-R  Colin Bates, ? Dunbar(?), Mike Berry, Keith Doncan, Terry Ford & John Hinks
Back L-R  Jim Gartside, Aviars Buks, Darrell Hegarty, Ralph Fairbanks & Gary Falkingham

(L) Moran-65 Class  Sent by Beetles BAILEY
(R) L school photo circa 1963/64 with numbers.  Can you recognise any?   1.=Johnno Johnson, 2=Tony Baker, 3=Barry Chittock, 4=Leon (Debbie) Reynolds, 5.=Paul Hardy, 6=Phil Dillworth, 7=Bob Farr, 8.=Jim (Pedro) Peterson, 9=Tony Gerding, 10=Colin Cook, 11=Eddy Edwards?, 12.=Tom Swan, 13=Gerry Hartnett, 14.=Phil McNamara?, 15=Alan Geary, 16.=Al Hillman, 17=Barry Skinner, 18=Dave Warner, 19.=Ken Hughes, 20=Dave Soper, 21=Sonny (Ziggy) Sondholm?, 22=Greg Jehn, 23='Peanuts' O'Donnell (Deceased), 24=Jock MacAllum (R) Same picture as at left, but without the numbers and much larger (160Kb)
(L) Moran-56 Class photo Front Row L-R  Dennis Stokes, John Blad, Denis Jackson, Ron McKerlie, P.O. Coxn Bob “Darkie” Ware, Barry Warner, Davide Cinzio, Don Morris & Barry Cooper
Back Row L-R  Bill Jenkinson, Mike Herron, Stan Cole, John Dyson, Keith Bink, Robin Moyle, Tony Bell & Bill Sonsee
(R) Electrical School staff picture - 1966 (R)  Picture taken of the "L" School staff in 1967  See if you can pick out some familiar faces
(L) Electrical School staff picture - 1969

(L)  Here's another of the L School staff taken in front of the LWO2 antenna, sometime between 1974 & 1977  Photo from Tug Wilson

(R)  HMAS PERTH "parked" alongside at Salamanca pier, Hobart in 1997  Photo from Keith Bailey (R)  Staff photo of WEE division at NIRIMBA - taken in 1992.  Click here for a list of names  Photo from Keith Bailey
(L) The 1973 HMAS HOBART rugby team (L) The 1962 HARMAN AFL team.  L to R ..

(Back) Tex Toohey, Don Coulson, Col Picken, Peter Baggott, Bill McGeorge, Barrie Thompson
(Middle) Jack Bawden, N/K, Bob Barnes, Graham Ogg, Herb Elliott
(Front) Kev Gallagher, Steve Aiberti, N/K, N/K, Barry Barnett, Tex Ritter

can anyone pick the "N/K's" ??


Other general "Greenies" photos

(L) A photo of all three DDG's at sea, believed to have been taken around 1998


(R) Great shot of ANZAC crossing the bight.  This photo courtesy of the RAN web site

(R) Garden Island in 1986 during the RAN 75th anniversary, with LOTS of ships berthed

(L)  HMAS PERTH "parked" alongside at Salamanca pier, Hobart in 1997  Photo from Keith Bailey (L) HMAS VOYAGER at sea
(R) 5"/54 firing on a DDG (R)  Here's a picture of WARRAMUNGA ploughing through rough seas - similar to the one of ANZAC, above
(L)  Newer single-hoist 5"/54 firing, showing the shell in flight. (L) Picture taken on the Princes Hwy, 10km west of Orbost (Vic) on Sunday 21 Mar.  We're sorry, but we couldn't find "P", "C"  or "WE" Creeks (but many a Greenie has been known to "P" or "WE" IN a creek at times).
(R) Multiple missile firings from USS VICKSBURG (CG69), USS ROOSEVELT (DDG80), USS CARNEY (DDG64) & USS THE SULLIVANS (DDG68) (R)  Although this one is not a picture, it is a PDF file showing "Naval Units of Measure" in the truest sense of the navy.


(L) A group of Greenies at the PERTH(3) launch in March

L-R  John Veltmeyer, Terry Stevenson, John Glass, Ken Norris, Marbuck Maskall (at rear), Zeke Deakin, Wally Wallbank, Chris Rowe, John Fulgrabe & Joe Ciemcioch


(L)  A group of greenies on HMAS Vampire taken at the Navy club in Singapore (?) - Spooks says it could have been the China Fleet Club, Honkers.

See photos for names

Photos with names, courtesy Trevor Brown (top) and Spooks Jaffers (bottom).

(R) A couple of ex-Greenies with nothing better to do than beach-worming at Moreton Island.  Peter Sercombe (L) and Garry (Crewie) Thorburn (R) A shot of an Ikara firing from SWAN  Sent in by Michael Mackay-Blair
(L) A shot of the Evolved SeaSparrow Missile (ESSM) from WARRAMUNGA.  This ship was the first in the world to fire the ESSM  This shot and the next sent in by John Neil (L) A series of three frames from a video of the ESSM firing
(R)  A pic of the Greenies who attended the HOBART reunion in Perth during 2003.  See photo for legend. (R)  Here's a pic of some ex-PERTH Greenies, taken at Redland Bay on 30 December.  L-R Bruce Goulding, Kev Dios Brun, Ken Mussen, Max Crowther, Rodger Maskall, Barry Fidock & Col Saxby.
(L) HMAS STALWART crew (L) QUEENBOROUGH Greenies in Singapore (1960) - L-R Masher Manson, Barry Mahwinney, Junior Berryman, Charlie Fairhall, Gooby Owens, Darkie Henwood & Dinger Nichol with Billy Wank Wank in the background.
(R)  HMAS YARRA in Pearl Harbour (R) VAMPIRE crossing the line ceremony.  Gooby Owens is on the far right and "Yak Yak" Ward is front centre in steel helmet
(L) PO's mess, HMAS ADELAIDE Xmas Day 1959 in the Greenies mess, HMAS VENDETTA at Honkers.  Some of those present are:
Tid Currie, Waldo Watson, Dorky Bean, Sandy McPherson, Bungy Williams, John Robertson, Snow Larkin & Jack Case
(R)  A pic of the Brit Club in Singapore, taken in 2004, just before demolition.  Note that some rendering has been done.  Also note the tall buildings on reclaimed land where the bay once was. (R)  Here's another 1965-ish picture from Singapore.  A couple of sailors (who else??) performing the Dance of the Flamers on top of the toilet block in Bugis Street.
Pic of some PARRAMATTA Greenies taken around 1964. Front L-R:  ??, Ben Graham, Virgil Reutens, ??, ? McAndrew, ??, Tom Eather, plus other senior rates. 2nd Row, L-R:  Rod Huppatz, ??, ??.  Back L-R:  Lawrie Gribben, ??, ??(hidden), Jim Fletcher. (L) Pic sent in by Buzz Bryant who features in the centre, of some QUIBERON crew in Honkers in 1963
(R)  More of the QUIBERON crew in Honkers in 1963.  Once again sent by Buzz (R)  A much larger group pic of the QUIBERON crew in 1963 at Honkers
(L)  MELBOURNE sailing with two DARINGS and QUIBERON  Pic sent by Beetles BAILEY (L)  MELBOURNE sailing with two DARINGS, launching a Gannet, being followed by QUIBERON.  Pic sent by Beetles BAILEY
(R)  Pic of VOYAGER ships company taken in 1962  Pic sent by Beetles BAILEY