We intend to provide the following services to all Pussers Greenies and ex-Greenies to assist them in their "life after Pussers".

Advocacy Advice
While not actually providing an advocacy service to veterans and ex-service men & women, we are in a great position to provide information to ex-service people on where to find good advice on matters in relation to disability and service pensions as well as other services provided by DVA, VVCS, VVA, VVF, R&SL etc.  We must bring to your notice also, that if you choose to use an advocacy service which is not part of a "mainstream" body such as the R&SL or VVF, you are urged to thoroughly check out that organisation before proceeding.  If they are fair dinkum, they won't mind providing you with details such as their constitution, directors (or committee) names and their latest financial report.  Also we beg you to beware of any advocacy "service" asking for a financial contribution other than (up to about $50) to cover costs of copying, transport and phone calls.  IT IS IMPROPER TO ASK FOR FINANCIAL CONTRIBUTIONS OTHER THAN THOSE MENTIONED.
Contact List
We have a contact listing of all Greenies and ex-Greenies online for you to peruse and see if any of your oppos are still around and have already contacted us.  This list will be available to all registered Greenies via a password protected page.  You can register on the "Contact Details" page, and indeed we are encouraging you to leave your details for the possible future formation of an Association.  We are also after details of other Greenies and ex-Greenies who may not have email or Internet access (but only WITH their permission, please) to add to our list.