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Please tell us here what you think about our web site, reunion, possible Association formation, or services. If you provide us with your contact phone (you MUST enter an email in the proper format), we will be able to reach you in case we have any questions.  If you don't want your phone number to be seen, then there is no compulsion to leave it.

PLEASE, PLEASE do not put entries on this feedback page regarding anyone who has gone to the "Big Switchboard" until their situation has been verified by the Greenies-on-Line team and their name has been added to the Big Switchboard page.  See the Feedback HELP first (click on the BR 157 link above).

PLEASE NOTE ALSO that while we do like to see your feedback, we don't really need to see any political or racist comments.  Such cooments will NOT be posted here - there are other websites which, unfortunately, welcome such comments.

We've had a few complaints that some of our Greenies have been receiving SPAM emails after leaving a message here.  To help prevent this, our NEW feedback book will automatically convert your email into an anti-spam GRAPHICAL format.

A new feedback book has now been added - click the link below to access it.

Please note that your feedback IS currently being moderated because of a few idiots leaving rubbish.  Your feedback, if deemed appropriate, may thus take up to a few days before appearing on the list.

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