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R Stevenson  |  
 15-Jan-19   18:04:17 Date
Message Got a nice embossed certificate from the President of the Phillipines about 1967 I think, thanking me for the little job I did to improve AT7/AR8 antenna on a GPV we donated to them. I accidentally threw it out one day and tried to get a copy from my Navy Records. I applied for all records and got a DVD with almost nothing at all.
One curious thing though is that I found that I paid off in Jan 69 as a CEC and in Jan 73 I became a CPOETC. ????

I admit to being somewhat upset at the ages of our shipmates recorded in the Big Switchboard. 84 years in a few weeks myself.

Regards Stevo

John Bolton  |  
 06-Jan-19   17:05:17 Date
Message ROBERT “Dusty” Miller became famous for baking hot pies in one of Australia’s hottest places – Birdsville.

At the age of 56, he moved from Adelaide and opened the Outback town’s first bakery. The most unlikely business brought Dusty national attention , not just for his pies, but for spinning his part in the slender fabric of Outback communities and the yarns that go with them.

He had made other big calls through his lifetime. Born to Merridy and Bob, he joined the Royal Australian Navy at the age of 16, training as a radar technician. His service included a tour of duty during the Vietnam War.

After nine years in the Navy, he returned to Adelaide to work in car electronics before establishing his own business installing and servicing automatic woodworking machinery for 20 years.

At 55, arthritis forced Dusty to reconsider his plans. He felt too young to retire but his superannuation was worth less than the money he had invested in it.

So he decided on a radical change in lifestyle. He built a mobile catering rig which was a familiar sight at country shows and other major events.

One of them was the Birdsville Races, the Melbourne Cup of the Outback.

Dusty liked what he saw. Birdsville, just over the South Australian border in Queensland , is the stuff of legend, with its fabled hotel where everyone who is anyone has had a beer.

His first attempts to build his bakery was met with disbelief from locals.

But soon the bakery took shape, strategically placed within “staggering” distance of the Birdsville pub and handy to the airfield and racecourse.

Until Dusty’s arrival, bread and pies had arrived frozen via the long road trip from Quilpie in Queensland.

He happily admitted to no cooking experience, but had a foodie’s delight in baking bread and making pies, with a penchant for adopting the local delicacies of kangaroo, camel and rabbit meat.

He learnt on the job and by the time of the 2004 Birdsville Races his half-finished establishment – furnished with packing crates for chairs – turned out 3000 pies over the weekend.

Dusty became an integral part of his community, the source of classic Outback tales.

In 2005, Birdsville local Willie Harris, a bush-born Yawarrawarrka and Yandruwandha man, turned 96. Dusty staged the birthday party and invited all the locals.

And then there was the time an Arab visitor and his retinue called in at the bakery. They were so taken by the camel pies that they bought the lot. In 2012, pet camel and tourist favourite Noodles was found shot and decapitated on Durrie station, 100km from the town.

Dusty had fed Noodles whenever he wandered into Birdsville. He offered a $2000 reward but the culprit was never found. After a few dismal years Dusty’s bakery began to make money and he persuaded wife Teresa to come up from Adelaide to join him.

With tens of thousands of tourists and visitors coming through the town in the cooler months and all of them ready to pay a premium for a sumptuous pie, Dusty’s reputation continued to grow. Of course, the greatest profits came during the Birdsville Races. Dusty’s record for the race days was more than 12,000 pies. In 2016, he had 15,000 pies ready to go before rain curtailed the event.

The couple would close the business for summer, although Dusty and his middle son, Adrian, would run the town’s remarkable geothermal power plant, keeping its reliance on expensive diesel generators to a minimum.

In 2017, approaching 70, Dusty called it a day. His unlikely business venture was sold for $1.2 million to fourwheel-drive tourist operator Martin Josselyn.

Robert Stevenson  |  
08 9456 4747
 20-Jul-18   17:30:33 Date
Message Fond memories of the "queer Cokes" at Johnnies in Sydney all those years ago. Now I make my own Rum, and if anyone is interested they are welcome to contact me with any questions.
Nowadays I walk like I used to when returning to the Moresby after a few hours at the Duke of Wellington in Hobart, memories of some rum drinking there! And all without any on board at all.
I make Navy Dark Rum, not that White Lightning I drank when at Manila in 59.

Take care, Stevo

Darrell Hegarty  |  
 03-Jul-18   21:13:49 Date
Message Here is an update on Les Adams from his wife Trish
Hi Everyone,
I wanted to let you all know what is happening with Les. He has been in and out of hospital over the past 6 months with aspiration pneumonia and other infections. He got out of hospital a week ago and is now on oxygen 24/7. The state of his health has now reached a point where he has decided that the next time he has to go back into hospital he will give medical help one more go and after that not bother. The girls have just been up to see him and Kathryn is coming back over from the west on Friday and Shona and my sister Dot are here all the time as well as our terrific friends. His long time navy mates and school mates have been over from interstate to say gidday which has been beaut for us. Not much more to say really, it's all pretty lousy really. Keep well and safe and I know you all are around us.
Trish xxx

Darrell Hegarty  |  
 30-May-18   23:50:14 Date
Message The following email was received by Peter McGurk and is posted at Trish Adam’s request to keep ex-Greenies updated with Les’ situation.

Hi Pete,
I am sending this email to you on behalf of Les to let you know what has been happening to him and if you can pass it on to the Greenies association for us.
Over the years he has been battling with various health problems such as restless legs, thyroidism, chronic back pain COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulminory Disease), conditions that I know a lot of you can relate to, and he was going okay. He was officially diagnosed with Parkinsons in 2014 and then he began not to be so okay. The Parkinsons has been quite aggressive especially in the last 18 months severely effecting his balance, body strength and speech. Apart from having a lot of falls he has Dysphasia which is problems with swallowing and aspiration which is where food gets into his lungs resulting in him getting aspiration pneumonia so hospital has been his home quite a lot in the past 6 months. He is now on a thickened liquids, soft foods and minced meats diet to try to prevent the aspiration happening. His breathing is laboured due to the COPD and combined with the Parkinsons he doesn't have a lot of energy or physical strength. He has a few bugs in his lungs one called pseudomonas which he has been giving him grief for the past 12 months, a bug which apparently cannot be killed off but hopefully the antibiotics can be contained. At night he struggled to find the strength to move, freezing because of the Parkinsons and to breathe because of the condition of his lungs and I began to struggle trying to help him myself.
Les would come home from hospital and then within a couple of weeks would be back in and in August we were advised to look at the possibility of going into care. He came home, ten days later he was back in hospital with more complications and the specialists said that he could not come home and to find a care facility for him. There are other complications that he has to deal with but his real problem is that he has two major diseases happening, diseases that work against each other and the treatment of one gets in the way of the other. In September last year he went into care at Adventist Residential Care, 571 Cleveland/Redland Bay Rds, Victoria Point, phone 38205732. Since then his mobility is practically nil and he now has urosepsis to add to his problems and he really isn't travelling well.
If anyone wanted to visit him please ring his mobile 0402334048 first to make sure he is there but ring at least three times, giving him enough time to pick up because he is travelling a bit slow at the moment and his speech may be a bit slurred. He doesn't talk much anyway unless it's about fishing, boats, fishing, Navy, fishing, ships and of course fishing. I always have my mobile 0432060002 with me and if I do miss any calls will call back as soon as I can.
Thanks Pete, love and cheers to you always
Trish Adams

Bernd Rottinger  |  
 04-May-18   11:42:36 Date
Message Noticed that John (Honeybum)Dobson has passed away. He was my PO on Sydney. We've lost another good bloke RIP mate

Norman Holden  |  
 05-Feb-18   13:55:51 Date
Message Just for anyone who may have know him -- sadly Geoff Salkeld ( CEWE ) died on 24th December 2017 aged 77. Geoff joined about the same time as myself in 1959 - he was a good bloke and will be greatly missed particularly at the Meet & Greets at Port Adelaide

Tim Kennedy  |  
 14-Jan-18   12:18:35 Date
Message Noticed on the 'Big switchboard' page of the passing of Ross (Runt) Anderson on MON 08JAN18. I located a newspaper article relating to his tragic loss in a car accident but I can't seem to paste the link here. It was in The Advertiser on 12JAN18. A really good bloke and was not long into a well deserved retirement. Condolences to his wife, daughter, family, friends and shipmates.

Col Ryan  |  
 13-Jan-18   18:29:20 Date
Message I fondly remember Tad from our Perth time. He was a top bloke. Sad to hear of his passing.

Eric Thompson  |  
 11-Jan-18   17:44:46 Date
Message I just saw Tad Prasolik has passed away very recently. I worked for Tad on Perth in early 70's,in fact he rescued me from Kuttabul FMP, and had many ales with him in the mid 70's. Until we both got married I think.
Very sad to lose Tad, a gentleman.

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