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Peter Maher  |  
 26-May-10   16:03:05 Date
Message -------- Original Message --------
[b]Subject:[/b] FW: Petition - Military Superannuation Pensions
[b]Date:[/b] Wed, 26 May 2010 01:26:52 +0000
[b]From:[/b] Robert Shortridge

Hallo All,
A link to SEN Fielding's web site for the petition on the gross unfairness of current indexation arrangements for Military Superannuation Pensions.
Could I ask you strongly consider adding your name to the petition to show the politicians there are more than just a couple of people concerned about the indexation issue.

(07) 32787826
0412 503 203[/i]

[b]From:[/b] Fielding, Steve (Senator)
[b]Sent:[/b] Tuesday, May 25, 2010 5:21 PM
[b]Subject:[/b] RE: Transcripts of Hansard on the Oakeshott Motion - MilitarySuperannuation Pensions
Below is a link to a petition being put forward by Senator Steve Fielding on the issue of the gross unfairness of the current indexation arrangements for Military Superannuation Pensions.
It would be great if we could get as many people to sign up as possible. Unfortunately, it seems the only way the government will listen is if we actually prove to them how many people are angry by their shameful inaction on this issue.
David Lipshutz
Senior Policy Advisor
Office of the Leader of FAMILY FIRST
Senator Steve Fielding

Bob Reidy.  |  
(08) 83453478
 06-May-10   12:41:08 Date
Message Herb Sullivan, an ex P rate, has had to withdraw from the Ballina reunion. He has to have surgery for prostate cancer. I am sure that any one that served with Herb would agree that he is a great bloke and would wish him the best outcome. This damn disease seems to be very prevalent for us ex pussers.

John Sutton  |  
 03-May-10   16:36:24 Date
Message I just received sad news from Shorty Waterworth that Jim Warriner (GID Tech Services) has passed away last Friday 30th April.
Jim was a very well known and much respected member of the Tech Services Division at Garden Island Dockyard in Sydney. While he wasn't a pussers greenie, he certainly earned his cuff rate amongst the DDG Radar/ NCDS maintainers. I'm sure those who served in FFGs would have known him just as well.
The pussers community has just lost a great friend in Jim, and those of us who knew him I'm sure will be saddened to hear the news.


Johan VELTMEYER  |  
0408 232 118
 14-Apr-10   13:14:34 Date
Message [b]Colleagues and friends[/b]

You are requested to participate in the subject research to assist in my PhD. Also, to facilitate a large cross section of people and organisations to participate in this important subject research, could you please forward this message, complete with the link and survey code as given below, on to your membership, colleagues, friends etc, as you consider appropriate.


The Survey Code is [b]QM001.[/b]

Your assistance is appreciated

[i]Johan Veltmeyer JP (Qual) MBA FASQ[/i]
PhD Candidate
School of Engineering
Griffith University Gold Coast QLD
M: 0408 232 118

* Johan is an ex-MOBI, LCDR RAN (Retd)
[i]Darrell H[/i]

 02-Apr-10   00:06:28 Date
Message Here's a link to some shots from the SA Greenies Meet & Greet in March 2010.


"Boy" Bentley  |  
07 4124 5512 or 0403692841
 10-Apr-10   12:38:30 Date
Message I too went to the IRISH CLUB on St. Patricks Day.
There were more Irish people in there than in DUBLIN!!, including one of my grand daughters, a stunning 18 year old!,who I could`nt find due to
the number of people in there.I had a 4 hour trip from Hervey Bay.Maybe we will be better organised
for the next meet & greet?

Darrell HEGARTY  |  
 01-Apr-10   13:54:54 Date
Message [i]The following has been posted as a service to PussersGreenies possibly looking for a job:[/i]

[b]Two Engineering Managers and one ILS Manager required – Surface Ship and Submarine Projects – Based in WA and NT.[/b]

We are currently looking to fill a number of senior roles on the Naval Defence side in WA and NT. The positions we have are for Engineering Managers (WA & NT ) and an ILS Manager (NT). Both Engineering manager roles require a background of at least 10 years within defence systems projects on either submarines or surface ships and the associated systems and subsystems. These two roles will require an individual to have achieved a high level of engineering accreditation from both an academic standpoint and professional membership aspect. The WA based role is submarine focused whilst the NT role is surface ships. The ILS role is NT based and surface ships focused.
We would warmly welcome any interest or inquires regarding the aforementioned openings, please do not hesitate to contact me on the mobile number below.

[i]Please contact: Nick Forte – Manpower Professional – Sussex Street – Sydney - 2000 NSW
on the following mobile 0429 557 092 (Business hours - Evenings and Weekends AEST)
or email:    [b]n {dot} forte [at] manpowerprofessional {dot} com {dot} au[/b][/i]

[b]Only people with Australian/NZ non-restricted visa should apply. Overseas Candidates will not be considered.[/b]
Why not join the Australian Marine / Naval and Aerospace Jobs group on [url=http://www.linkedin.com/e/vgh/2864557/]LINKEDIN[/url]

Darrell HEGARTY  |  
 21-Mar-10   10:58:46 Date
Message The following has been posted on behalf of one of our Queensland members:

How do I go about posting the following congratulatory message regarding the advertised meet and greet in Brisbane today? "What a great day not to have a meet and greet at the Irish Club in Brisbane. Today is St Patrick's street march day. Two of us spent over an hour commuting to the Irish Club in the city only to be greeted by about 2000 drunken Irishmen. Did I miss the change of venue message, or were we the only two who not know that the city would be full of Irish revelers. Thanks for a wasted day."

We're very sorry for this mishap - what has happened to our Brisbane "organiser" ?? His email bounces so he's just been added to the 'lost souls' listing.r6w6m

John Bolton  |  
 16-Mar-10   11:39:45 Date
Message It was a busy weekend in Adelaide so the Meet & Greet had some heavy duty competition. We had the Festival of Arts, the Festival Fringe and the Clipsal V8’s. However we still had 32 Greenies turn up with apologies from a further 27. The vast majority of the apologies were due to attendance at the Clipsal V8’s, and there were at least a dozen regulars among them as well, so it could have been a bumper turnout. There was one Greenie who will remain nameless (and he’s never missed a M&G before) who had to attend a Festival of Arts performance. V8’s I can understand, but the Festival of Arts? And of-course Trev McKerlie made his usual 450km round trip to enjoy a coldie with his mates
As regular readers will know, SA Greenies have been great supporters of past Meet & Greets, so it would come as no surprise that the M&G organising committee (that would be Spotty & me) had a meeting and decided to export one of our own to Sydney to shore up the attendance numbers there. Mario McConville took on this enormous task and actually volunteered to stay with McGurk! We haven’t heard from him yet and I haven’t heard his name mentioned in any despatches as yet! We hope he makes it home from this hazardous duty in one piece. I also have it on good authority that Blue Reidy was playing cricket and in the grand final no less. Some of us just don’t/won’t age!
Those in attendance included…..John Bolton, Michael Bornholdt, Gene Boron, Geoff Brown, Roy Collins, Kim Daw, Chris Egan, Les Figg, Fletch Fletcher, Gary Gosden, Norm Holden, Gomez Isumski, Ray Kemp, Bob King, Masher Manson, Trev McKerlie, Blue Newton, Terry Norman, Mal Parrington, Pedro Peterson, John Phillips, Potsy Potterat, Les Radford, Bob Reidy, John Saywell, Spotty Spotswood, Gordon Stringer, Bill Swan, Sam Trigge, Neil Walton, Graham Watson, Mike Witcher.
Apologies were received from…..John Bannister, Ron Beaumount, Dave Betts, Wally Birch, Trev Brown, John Bushell, Mick Cain, Jock Colligan, Orm Cooper, Maurie Davey, Ian Eglinton, Andrew Harrison, Jeff Howlett, Rock Hudson, Gary Lang, Mal Magor, Mario McConville, Bob McLean, Michael Parker, Blue Reidy, Chris Rowe, Geoff Salkeld, Phil Shephard, Glynn Spencer, Bob Stanton, Alan Tassel, Jack Van Eyck.

Bernie Rottinger  |  
03 97270541
 01-Mar-10   16:04:10 Date
Message For those who don't know, Ted Jensen passed away a few weeks ago. I served with Ted on Hobart (commissioning crew) and Stalwart. He joined the upper deck and paid off some 4 years ago as a Lt.Cdr. A great guy and a great shipmate. Smooth sailing Ted, you will be missed.

Bernie Rottinger

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