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Peter Maher  |  
 13-Aug-10   18:17:51 Date
Message Gents,

The Booking Information and EOI form is now available in the Members Section of the website – We do hope that the information supplied answers your questions and you are able to lodge an early EOI.

Peter, Darrell and the Team

Peter Maher  |  
 28-Jul-10   21:44:56 Date
Message Just an update on the TS LISMORE appeal.
We have over $1000 in the kitty and are awaiting a response from the local contact in Ballina as to just what is the best way to help the Cadet Unit.

Will keep you informed.


Peter Maher  |  
 26-Jul-10   09:40:27 Date
Message Barney,

As part of "The Powers That Be" let me add a little enlightenment. Following Mildura, we got a lot of feedback to the tune that three years to the next reunion was too long to wait, and so, we reduced it to two years. The plan is to have the reunions in the second half of the year, and alternate between the warmer north, and the colder south, so to prevent frostbite, southern venues will be around October, and the northern ones around June/July. We have to factor in public and school holidays, and the effect they have on accommodation prices, as we do want as many as possible to be able to attend (and to be able to afford it!)

Barney  |  
 25-Jul-10   16:33:03 Date
Message At the end of the 2008 reunion at Mildura they told us they would hold the next one in 2011 to get it out of the same year as the REMs reunion. Somehow it got changed to 2010 and in June. I don't go anywhere in June.....can you imagine a reunion in Melbourne in June? North of the Sunshine Coast maybe, but certainly not south of where I live at beautiful South West Rocks. Can I suggest to the powers that be that they have the next reunion next year, and have it Oct like they used to, and that will get it away from the REMs reunions.

geoff threlfall  |  
 19-Jul-10   17:01:12 Date
Message Concur with previous comments re; Ballina re-union. Both my GLW and I enjoyed the entire weekend, indeed didn't want to leave. BZ to all organisers and roll on the next one. In the mean time will maintain the social interaction at state level.
Cheers Geoff.

John BOLTON  |  
 19-Jul-10   16:12:33 Date
Message The following website has pictures of the June South Australian Meet 'n Greet


Regards to all,
[i]John BOLTON[/i]

John (Pop) Riley  |  
 18-Jul-10   17:02:30 Date
Message Can only heartily endorse Sam and Bob's messages.
Terrific time great company/hospitality/ tremendous feelings!
Shakedown cruise completed and now back on God's fabulous island!
Now time for head down bumup to overcome North-South-NorthWest rivalries and set up Meet & Greet!

My contact numbers: 0419573 or 0364262123.


bob berg  |  
 30-Jun-10   18:00:19 Date
Message Well done to all involved in the terrific reunion just held in Ballina .

the orginisers for EX DDG men pressed all the right buttons .The town in general very spectactular and friendly .

the helpers and staff of the club and TS Lismore that subbie has had great feather in his cap getting the mighty GREEN EMPIRE to parade some of whom would have been a first .
Most all thanks to all the attendees new faces old faces and memories and also to the ladies .
I hope the ex Wrans had a good mini reunion .
Thanks again
Bob Berg :lol:

John "Sam" Sutton  |  
 28-Jun-10   11:45:46 Date
Message Well another great reunion has come to an end ... bring on the next.
I wish to extend my heartfelt thanks to the organisers of the Ballina Reunion for the 2010 bash, a fantastic event in every way.
I had the opportunity to re-establish ties with many people who I hadn't seen in over 20 years and two who had been MIA for 32 years. Sadly some of them have not been too well during recent years but they were there with smiles on their faces and enjoying the moment. One of my long time mates whom I spent Saturday afternoon with walking through the Maritime Museum reminded me of our runs ashore in some of the hell holes of the world, each of us guarding each others back to ensure we all got home safely, it all came so naturally and without us having to ask for it. That's just what we did voluntarily as we were looking after our brothers. We were, and are still, family.
Thank you all for making my weekend so enjoyable and memorable. I love you all.

John Bolton  |  
 20-Jun-10   13:23:44 Date
Message The cold weather has arrived in Adelaide and a lot of our regular attendees were off chasing the sun around Australia and overseas. For the first time we had more apologies (30) than attendees (24).

Apologies were received from….Ron Beaumont, Frank Belcher, Michael Berry, Wally Birch, Gary Blake, John Bushell, Michael Cain, Jock Colligan, Maurie Davey, Ian Eglinton, Mike Fisher, Trevor Hill, Bill Hollas, Jeff Howlett, Rock Hudson, Ray Kemp, Gary Lang, Mal Magor, Trev McKerlie, Terry Norman, Mal Parrington, Ian Peterson, John Phillips, Blue Reidy, Bob Reidy, Chris Rowe, Ed Skubala, Paul Smithers, Jack Van Eyck, Mike Witcher.

Michael Berry, John Bushell and John Phillips are in sick-bay. Get well soon guys and see you next time.

12 of those who apologised were travelling interstate or overseas and 7 will be at Ballina next week.

Those in attendance and in the photo below were…John Bolton, Gene Boron, Roy Collins, Kim Daw, Les Figg, Gary Gosden, Bob King, Richard Kirkman, Bob Kearvell, Mark Loram, Chris McConville, Bob McLean, Blue Newton, Michael Parker, Dave Potterat, Les Radford, Geoff Salkeld, Spotty Spotswood, Bob Stanton, Gordon Stringer, Bill Swan, Alan Tassel, Neil Walton, Graham Watson.

Two new faces were Richard “Kipper” Kirkman and Bob Stanton. Both were Birdie Greenies, but the SA group is into equal opportunity so they were made most welcome and will be back next time.

John Bolton
1965 - 1974

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