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bob berg  |  
 24-Oct-08   14:06:10 Date
Message Thanks to all involved in last weekends festivities in Mildura I had agreat time catching up with old mates and meeting new ones
BZ to all
If anyones passing through Temora NSW look me up
BOB :lol: :D

Peter (Beetles) Bailey  |  
08 9451 3918
 14-Oct-08   12:56:12 Date
Message I would like to wish all who are attending, a great reunion and a safe trip there and back. Sorry I can't be there as I'm a little short of the readies due to new vehicle and home renovations, but I'll try to be at the next reunion. Try not to get too drunk and fall over too much. Regards, Beetles.

Bob Stevenson  |  
08 9456 4747
 01-Oct-08   15:30:22 Date
Message Thought I would mention to all just how important it is to have travel health insurance for anyone or their family who travel overseas.
Whilst visiting our daughter in Boise, Idaho U.S.A., my wife Noelene suffered a subarachnoid haemorrage ( anuerism) when her carotid artery burst in her right front temporal lobe in her brain. She is a miracle girl who has amazed all of her doctors and has not only survived but is recovering to what looks like being perfect again.
We have not received all of the information yet but it looks like her total medical bills will be over $200,000 U.S. and maybe up to $250.000. For example, the first ambulance took her 2 miles and the bill was $1,450 U.S. She was in I.C.U. for over 3 weeks and I was told at the hospital that the daily cost for I.C.U. is between $8,000 and $10,000 U.S. per day. I am pleased to say that her Insurance was with Cover-More (Sydney) who are paying every cent. So, please take note.
Regards Stevo R52643

John Bolton  |  
 25-Sep-08   20:14:49 Date
Message Gentlemen,

I have a confession to make.

Today I had a sexual encounter with a male!

I'm sorry, I couldn't help myself, I just had to find out! As he inserted his finger, I said to him "Will you still respect me in the morning?" And he said "Yes". Then he said "It's as smooth as a baby's bum". Nicer words I couldn't have wished for.

But..............Respect me hell, the bastard gave me a bill for $135......and I thought he was supposed to pay me!?

He also agreed that a low PSA is not necessarily a positive KPI (to use the football vernacular) and we've agreed to meet again sometime in the future if my PSA rises from it's currently low of 1.7.

Now, if you haven't got your fingers out of your @rses to make room for a doctors, I strongly suggest that you do. I refer you back to the communications that we had about two months ago suggesting that anecdotal evidence is that if you were in Vietnam waters you are 7 times more likely to get prostate cancer.

Yeah, it's uncomfortable (don't know what they see in it myself!), but ask your wife how uncomfortable a PAP smear is.

Now that you've stopped laughing, get you finger outa your @rse, and make that appointment!

John Bolton

'Sam' Trigge  |  
 19-Sep-08   12:30:46 Date
Message I heard a whisper recently that the DFRDB indexation had changed from CPI to something more favourable to us.

I cannot find anything 'official' on this. Has anyone else any info?

Bill Nitz  |  
0887234343 / 0439816074
 18-Aug-08   18:51:36 Date
Message Hi guys, I badly need some help in regard to a small inboard marine diesel. Would be very grateful to hear from anyone that may know of the availability of a Yanmar model#PMX6 or a PMX8 single cylinder, crank start. Perhaps there may be one buried in Pussers stores. Alternately would
like to hear from anyone that may know of a small,up to 10hp, inboard diesel. There are probably hundreds scattered around the country but finding one is proving to be a problem.PS. If anyone knows who took my boat out and cooked the engine please shoot the bastard!!!

Skip Hire  |  
 28-Jul-08   10:46:19 Date
Message Hi. I just found your site on Ask Web Search. Very nice. I will be stopping back again soon.

Tony Ireland  |  
 28-Jul-08   03:48:12 Date
Message Thanks very much for the back-up Rod, With your medical expertise you have phrased it so much better than I could have ever done. There are so many cases of prostate cancer caused by contaminated water (that's the DVAs and the VVAs conclusion) that it is horrific. I am trying to find out how the incidence rate of cancer in ex-pussers on the gunline stacks against the civvy rates, but I'm not having much luck. The last approximation I got from the VVA was "seven times more likely to develop a cancer than a civvy." If this is so, then that is outrageous and it should be publicised asap to warn all ex-servicemen. I think it will be left to us to pass the word, I'm not waiting for any Government department to do the right thing. Never happen!
Thanks again Rod.
Thanks guys.

Tony Ireland  |  
 28-Jul-08   03:31:59 Date
Message Hi again guys. To answer Damien. from what I have been told by the VVA and also from the DVA, the ex-Sydney boys are much more prone to various cancers due to the fact that the water we took on in Vungers was badly contaminated by good old Agent Orange. This water was in the tanks, vaps, the lot, and was actually condensed over a period of time and stayed with us. This was the most carcinogenic stuff ever, and the crews of the old Vung Tau ferry and her escorts have a much higher cancer rate than anyone else.
The high incidence of prostate cancer as well as bone cancer has been ackowledged by the DVA, and ALL ex-pussers in that situation should be very aware and take steps to ensure they are ok.
I have come across a lot of guys who seem to think that a yearly PSA test is the be-all and end-all of a health check, and I have to give these guys the good oil.
If this info saves one bloke from this insidious disease, then I'm happy.
Thanks guys,

Peter Maher  |  
 27-Jul-08   11:05:35 Date
Message Dear Peter,

Could I reinforce what Irish has written in his E-mail below. I have no specific medical explanation exactly ( DVA does accept an agent orange derivative relationship) why his comments are so important and no one has done a scientific analysis to support them. But, the anecdotal evidence is now so strong that I can only support his comments. So much so that as the Principal Medical Officer on HMAS Sydney 1972, a Medical Officer on an escort 1969, and the M.O. on Hobart 1970 and some one with fully blown Prostate Cancer at 58 years I fall precisely into exactly the same group; as well as having had a normal PSA the whole while. My only salvation was a Urologist who thought as a Vietnam Vet I must have a biopsy to be absolutely certain and hence my prostate and I parted company before the cancer had spread beyond the outer linings of the body of the prostate.

So, the take home message is go and see your LMO and demand to be sent to see a Urologist for a fully blown test and prostate biopsy. If you have to pay as I did back then, too bad. I'm not now going to be carried off boxed by that ailment. You may not feel too fussed about these suggestions but your family and friends will be grateful. Your wives have had babies for crying out loud this is a walk in the park.

Good luck!

Thank you for the opportunity to add some thoughts to your positive stance.



RSL NSW State Vice President Southern Country
Tel 02-93808774
Mob. 0417604450

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