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Damian Petrie  |  
07 3857 2318
 27-Jul-08   10:01:06 Date
Message I just wanted to ask Tony Ireland why Sydney sailors are more vunerable to prostrate cancer?

Tony Ireland  |  
 25-Jul-08   13:27:41 Date
Message Hi guys.
The level of prostate cancer in ex-pussers is over the top, so get checked out properly especially if you were on the Sydney or her escorts in 'Nam. Do NOT rely on a PSA test, this is inconclusive, so don't end up in the same boat as me. I was told I had an enlarged prostate with my PSA being ok, and after 8 months of agony, and 2 PSA tests showing nothing, I finally had a specialist diagnosis and a biopsy, it was too late. Full blown terminal cancer. So for your own good get checked out yearly! It might be a worry, seeing the doc put the rubber glove on, but it is worth the hassle.
Pretty uncomfortable, but when you consider the alternative it's nothing.
It's great to find this site and seeing old oppos here, wish I hadn't taken so long!
Cheers guys.

Les Lever  |  
 21-Jul-08   07:52:35 Date
Message HI all, I had a visit with Ken Hughes at the Bunbury Nursing home today Sunday 20th July from 1130 to 1300.
Talked to Amy during the week and had rung the nursing home as well, so I organised a visit with Ken, in Amy's company.

Her most honourable Highness, Lady Dot Lever (she who commands my life) had worked there as an enrolled nurse back in the late eighties early nineties. Big surprise when I walked through the door to the place and here is one of her best friends during that period still working there.

Located Ken on a mobile bed/chair with Amy in attendance outside his room, but inside the building, looking out the sliding door which access's the outdoors garden/grassed area at the rear of the wing.

Ken still has a trachy in his throat so he cannot talk. This will stay until he has regained control of his swallow function
Ken has limited movement of his arms, but can touch his face, make a fist, and attempts to resist when asked to "arm wrestle".

I introduced myself, and went through a quick list of things we had been associated with.
Bought along a list of the "expression of interest names" for the Greenies reunion in Mildura Oct 2008 and went through the list and spoke a few names we had both shipped with.
Most of the names were greeted with a nod of recognition, but a few were given the shake of the head.

We lived a few doors away from each other in the same street for some years and on one visit to his house Ken told me that I was part of his claim for TPI with the psychiatrist.

Today I bought the psych' s name up and got a nod of recognition with his name. Amy showed me a little parrot doll he had received from this guy.
On the parrots belly it says press here so I did, first thing it did was whistle very loudly and then made a derisive comment about my looks, second press was another whistle and "why don't you f-ck off'" which caught the attention and a comment from the nurse two doors away, third press resulted in a louder whistle and " Hey Lady show us your tits" which got me a bit of a scowl, but as I pointed out it was the parrot not me.

When I mentioned the fact that Ken had told the psych that he used to get so pissed off with his forward radar crew he used to throw tools at them, and when I put my claim in for TPI I countered to the psych with I used to have a boss who used to throw tools at us, I received a crooked grin from Ken.

Where the trachy comes out of of his neck it has a filter to stop any solid matter getting down and it also helps warm the incoming air.
It gets blocked slightly very often and flies out if he happens to have a coughing fit.
It is rather daunting the first time you hear it happen, sort of like a miniature blow hole and the filter comes out and then the noise escapes.

Ken has a CD player so he can listen to music etc. I have just downloaded a heap of books from Audible.com and have them on my tom tom gps, and my computer.
Ideal for a long trip across the Nullabor or a week or two in hospital if you have limited use of your arms etc.

So if you can't get to visit, you can put a message onto something ad burn it to a CD/DVD and send it to him. If you can make it,
I am certain he would love to hear your voice, or send a movie, picture or such.

Amy is a very strong character and is extremely caring, but she admits there is a need for her to take a break from it all for a couple of days a week to recharge.

Ken Hughes
C\O Room 27
Bunbury Nursing Home
39 Hayes Street
Phone: 97215333. (Ken won't answer)

PS Ken said you can give me any money you have not paid him when you see me at the greenies reunion, not sure if he mentioned you specifically Mr McGurk or whether it was a cough through the trachy, sure sounded like it to me.

Cheers all
take care

LEMWR Les "Bull" Lever R65724
Waller Sep 66/75

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