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Alan Harms  |  
 17-Feb-17   01:36:44 Date
Message Have been heart broken by the passing of so many mates. I would like to join this site if nobody minds as I have just discovered it I am on the Shipside grey site and shipmates for cancer.

DennisWilson  |  
 21-Jan-17   11:04:45 Date
Message For those that knew John Powell (POETC) he passed away Xmas Day aged 65.

Bob King  |  
 05-Feb-17   16:31:52 Date
Message For all you SA Greenies still interested in Naval stuff...

The Italian frigate Carabiniere is in Adelaide for the week to fly the flag. See http://www.abc.net.au/news/2017-02-05/italian-frigate-docks-at-port-adelaide/8242234

This is one of the contenders for our future frigate.

The public open sessions are on Tuesday 10-12 and then again at 2-4.

Steve Yovan  |  
 21-Sep-16   16:42:13 Date
Message Hi to all the old salts.
I just on the off chance did a search to see if there was a Greenie facebook pagebut only found the one that had some members.
So to maybe encourage a few I just wanted to put it out there that Ken "Dutchy" Vandermolen created a Facebook group for Greenies past and present. Thought it was maybe another way for us to catch up and offer up any thoughts.


Bob King  |  
 16-Jun-16   14:51:23 Date
Message Just noticed Peter McNair's name on the big switchboard as having passed on 30 May this year, and note from his and relative's Facebook pages that he died of cancer. Sounds like he fought it pretty hard. Unfortunately taking too many of our mates too soon.

Have some good memories of Pete from CDSC and on the Brisbane, and particularly a few inebriated occasions at the Venus Room up the Cross when that fine establishment was in operation.

Smooth seas and fair winds Pete....and a few coldies.

Lindsay Shanks  |  
 19-May-16   08:09:03 Date
Message Uncle Ron was on HOBART with me for the 1985 USA/Canada trip. Sad to see he has crossed the bar. Does anyone know what happened? :cry: :(

John Sutton  |  
 18-May-16   14:52:53 Date
Message Sad to hear the news that "Uncle" Ron Clark (POETW) recently crossed the bar. Another brother taken way too soon. RIP Ron

Dave Potterat  |  
 11-Feb-16   20:44:20 Date
Message Sad to hear the news that Gomer Isumsky has crossed the bar. :cry: Smooth seas Gomer..:(

Ron Cross  |  
 23-Apr-16   10:56:57 Date
Message I am in Sydney for Anzac day. Are there any specific venues to catch up with former colleagues for the 2016 event?

John Hine  |  
 10-Dec-15   11:09:30 Date
Message Does anyone remember the location of the ventilation w/shop on H.M.A.S Sydney [Vung Tau Ferry ] Think 6 Charlie or Delta.

Cheers John

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