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Ron Cross  |  
 23-Apr-16   10:56:57 Date
Message I am in Sydney for Anzac day. Are there any specific venues to catch up with former colleagues for the 2016 event?

John Hine  |  
 10-Dec-15   11:09:30 Date
Message Does anyone remember the location of the ventilation w/shop on H.M.A.S Sydney [Vung Tau Ferry ] Think 6 Charlie or Delta.

Cheers John

Rolesy  |  
 11-Nov-15   17:34:00 Date
Message Can anyone tell me why the Reunion year has been extended by a year. Last one was 2014, this one 2017, used to be every 2 years. Rolesy

Bob King  |  
 12-Aug-15   14:37:57 Date
Message Sam, just noticed your posting re Windy Hill, and had only just read his name on the Big Switchboard a few minutes before. Was a bit of a shock.

Very sad to hear of Windy's passing. Lost touch with him several years ago and wondered what had become of him....assumed he was enjoying life playing golf.

Rhonda and I lived in the apartment next door to him and Liz in Concord while we were attending school at Mare Island in 85/86. Shared a car to work, copious beers and many good times.

Smooth seas, fair winds and par for the course Windy...... :cry:

Lindsay Shanks  |  
 25-Jun-15   16:04:50 Date
Message Gavan Hall EMWR crossed the bar last Saturday his service is 10am 26/6/15 at TS Burstows Toowoomba. I only saw him briefly on Anzac Day he wasn't travelling too well at the time.

John Sutton  |  
 12-Jul-15   12:12:10 Date
Message Today I received the sad news of the passing of a dear friend, Brian Windy Hill, ex DDG Tartar guru from the 70's & 80's. Windy served on Hobart & Perth that I know of.

I'm sure there will be many here who knew him well. He loved life and he loved his golf. I last saw Windy at the pussers greenies reunion in Ballina some years ago. He had retired to the Northern NSW area near Ballina with his wife and family. Windy's short illness was as a result of a brain tumor diagnosed in December last year. He peacefully crossed the bar approximately 4 weeks later in January 2015.

Dennis Wilson  |  
 04-May-15   09:50:59 Date
Message Does anyone out there know where I can get one of those Bronze plaques with the Royal Australian Navy insignia on it made. I need to purchase one for a gravesite.

Jim Roles  |  
 29-Apr-15   15:43:37 Date
Message Could anyone enlighten me about how Bill Battersby passed away.

Kim Samuel (Sammy)  |  
0397752905 / 0414629914
 18-Feb-15   18:12:55 Date
Message I once was an avid Mahjong player and gambler in Pussers and am thinking of organising a group again to play the Pusser style three handed game. The only trouble is I can only vaguely remember the hands and the scoring, etc, and for some reason the Moon is the only winning hand I can remember.
I'd appreciate it if someone can enlighten me on the basics again either via a phone call or email.
Kim Samuel (Ex Hobart 2nd Vietnam Tour)

Pete Douglas  |  
(08)8963 1271
 10-Nov-14   20:17:08 Date
Message Reunion was an absolutely incredible weekend. Amazing effort and BZ to John B and any helpers for the organisation and running.

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