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Tug wilson  |  
 14-Mar-14   16:48:57 Date
Message For those that know ex CPOETS Pete Symons he is gravely ill and is in palliative care in Geelong. The doctors only give him a week or two.

Tug Wilson  |  
 28-Nov-13   09:13:32 Date
Message An update for anyone knowing CPOETS Scott Wilson. They are flying him to Melbourne to have an operation(the long awaited one) that will allow him to breath with out the aid of a machine. By doing this he will also be able to talk once again. This operation is scheduled for: Fly over on the 10 Dec and operation 11 Dec.
Not bad since they said he would only survive either 2 days,2 weeks or 2 months this time last year

john leechman  |  
 18-Nov-13   09:39:02 Date
Message Does anyone know if the HMAS Lonsdale had office and sailor accommodation on site. I recall the WRANS were accommodated in the old mansion in Toorak

Ken Vandermolen  |  
 27-Oct-13   09:30:48 Date
Message Very sad to hear of the passing of an old shipmate "Snow" Larkin. Remember the days well of "snow" working the canteen on Melbourne where I chucked in a helping hand when I could. Mackas and Goffas by the truckload and "snow" continued on in his own unfazed manner. He will I am sure meet his old shipmates like Geoff Lenihan, Dickie Steingrube and many others. He will be sorely missed and my condolences to Anna. I recall "snow" was raised in Appin and I was raised a little further down the track in Bowral. Rest in Peace old mate.

Anna Larkin  |  
 22-Oct-13   13:35:04 Date
Message I was glad you had been told of my husband's death -John Patrick " Snow " Larkin - but I was upset he had been decommissioned from this site. Blue Lawless is keeping everyone informed but hoped to use the site to be in touch with his shipmates because this site was so very important to Snow.I would appreciat it if it is possible for me to log in on behalf of Snow but understand if it is not and will ask Blue Lawless to be my contact.

I want to thank you for this site. Snow loved it and visited it every day. We often enjoyed the videos, jokes and passionate debates rogether. He found shipmates he hadn't seen in years and it was a link to his sailing life that nothing else could give him.

Snow's "squarey" and wife

Anna Larkin

Paul  |  
(07) 4063 3959
 24-Sep-13   15:51:12 Date
Message While attending the HMAS QUIBERON reunion at Hervey Bay, Queensland, between 21 - 25 August 2013, we were informed that Max Bean had died. Today I find that I have lost another "greenie" mate, Arthur "Bluey" Furness. I am about to email Tony Gerding (about the next "meet & Greet" on 19 October), in an endeavour to find what happened to "Bluey".

Darrell HEGARTY  |  
 11-Aug-13   11:38:19 Date
Message John Marsh tells me that one of our esteemed Greenies, Max BEAN is in [b]Greenslopes Hospital[/b] in Brisbane, [b]Ward 33[/b].
Max would welcome anyone who knew him to either call or visit.
Hope you are comfortable Max.
[i]Darrell H[/i]

Steve Johns  |  
 24-Jul-13   20:49:20 Date
Message Hi,

Are there any Greenies out there with photos of the insides of the Ikara Guidance Equipment rooms? Or of the console in the Ops Room?
Or a Missile launch.
We may have been shot at the time for taking them, but I think we're pretty safe now!! :lol:

Wayne Richards  |  
 24-Apr-13   20:07:46 Date
Message The Jan 74 intake at Nirimba are coming up to their 40th anniversary and some of us are looking at having a reunion. Go to the Nirimba Facebook page and click on the 'Events' tab and register your intent. Look forward to seeing you there, spread the word.

john leechman  |  
 18-Mar-13   11:21:30 Date
Message Question without notice;
What impact does DFRDB have on a person receiving the aged pension, as I am heading towards the big 65 (another 3 years actually)thought I find out early. I thought centerlink would be able to answer this question but the machine didn't compute.
John L.

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