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Darrell HEGARTY  |  
 11-Aug-13   11:38:19 Date
Message John Marsh tells me that one of our esteemed Greenies, Max BEAN is in [b]Greenslopes Hospital[/b] in Brisbane, [b]Ward 33[/b].
Max would welcome anyone who knew him to either call or visit.
Hope you are comfortable Max.
[i]Darrell H[/i]

Steve Johns  |  
 24-Jul-13   20:49:20 Date
Message Hi,

Are there any Greenies out there with photos of the insides of the Ikara Guidance Equipment rooms? Or of the console in the Ops Room?
Or a Missile launch.
We may have been shot at the time for taking them, but I think we're pretty safe now!! :lol:

Wayne Richards  |  
 24-Apr-13   20:07:46 Date
Message The Jan 74 intake at Nirimba are coming up to their 40th anniversary and some of us are looking at having a reunion. Go to the Nirimba Facebook page and click on the 'Events' tab and register your intent. Look forward to seeing you there, spread the word.

john leechman  |  
 18-Mar-13   11:21:30 Date
Message Question without notice;
What impact does DFRDB have on a person receiving the aged pension, as I am heading towards the big 65 (another 3 years actually)thought I find out early. I thought centerlink would be able to answer this question but the machine didn't compute.
John L.

Cyril "Doc" Rice  |  
 02-Feb-13   09:40:11 Date
Message :D
BZ to "Dutchy" Verwayen on receiving the OAM award :wink:

John "Sam" Sutton  |  
 09-Jan-13   23:21:47 Date
Message So sad to hear the news that Pop Riley has gone to the Big Switchboard. I served with Pop on Hobart when he was working the SPG-51C and I was in the computer room with Blue Cullen. R.I.P. Pop. Fair Winds and Following Seas

Paul Fernyhough  |  
 15-Dec-12   17:53:22 Date
Message Congratulations on the great site.
Many of my ex RP branch spend much time discussing the old equipment on our Facebook page RAN Radar Plotters. Thanks to you site I now have a ready reference to the equipment we shared with your members. As a member of the Brisbane association I miss Peter Maher greatly having served on Brisbane as a 16 yo and17 yo for the first deployment I had been addressed by Peter as the lowly ord. there was non better. Regards Paul (Fuzz) Fernyhough ex PORP

John "Sam" Sutton  |  
 15-Dec-12   10:59:00 Date
Message Wishing all you guys a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Have safe travels wherever you go during the festive season.

John "Sam" Sutton  |  
 13-Nov-12   10:41:08 Date
Message We totally enjoyed our recent cruise on the Pacific Pearl. Many thanks to those who organised and participated in the event. Once again we got to renew long dormant acquaintances, one in particular for me from 1976.
If the buzz about another cruise in a couple of years time gathers momentum, please count me in.

BZ Pussers Greenies

John Bolton  |  
 21-Oct-12   13:37:25 Date
Message Another great day in Adelaide on Saturday and 29 of South Australia’s finest Greenies plus 2 visitors from the east made a total of 31 attendees at the Adelaide Meet & Greet. All the “usual suspects” were in attendance with Trev McKerlie making his usual 300+Km round trip to join us.
Those who went on the reunion cruise regaled us with many stories that were just too hard to believe. They couldn’t possibly have drunk that much and I don’t believe that the Pacific Princess pitched and rolled as much as they said it did. No stories of seasickness though.
Ian Benier from Victoria was in town for a Car Club meeting and a catch up with his new grand-daughter and found time to join us. Just shows you how egalitarian we are in SA, allowing “Mexicans” to join our Meet & Greet.
Noel “Shiner” Wright (CPOETP ’66 – ’91) was in Adelaide for a JR reunion and took time out to join us as well.
Plus we had a new face join us. Danny Durward ex-CPOETW and now CMDR WE is in Adelaide working on the AWD project. We hope Danny will become a regular at future Meet & Greets.
Those in attendance were...Ian Benier, Wally Birch, John Bolton, Gene Boron, Mick Cain, Roy Collins, Kim Daw, Danny Durward, Alan Fletcher, Doug Haskings, Darkie Henwood, Jeff Howlett, Rock Hudson, Bob Kearvell, Mark Loram, Mal Magor, Chris McConville, Trev McKerlie, Mick Parker, John Phillips, Pottsy Potterat, Les Radford, Geoff Salkeld, John Saywell, Ian Short, Ed Skubula, Spotty Spotswood, Gordon Stringer, John Trigge, Neil Walton and Noel Wright.
A total of 19 apologies were received. The reasons were many and varied, ranging from overseas, interstate, work, family birthdays, start of the bowls season, and a wedding in Zimbabwe! But the prize goes to Alan Tassel who rang me at the Naval Association to tell me that he was about go diving somewhere on the Barrier Reef and just thought he’d let me know that he wouldn’t be able to make it. Thanks Al!!
Apologies were received from...Ron Beaumont, Gary Blake, John Bushell, Jock Colligan, Orm Cooper, Maurie Davey, Grant Demedde, Geoff Harvey, Ray Kemp, Gary Lang, Tony Mackereth, Blue Newton, Terry Norman, Mal Parrington, Chris Rowe, Alan Tassel, Jack Van Eyck, Rob Vanagelis and Graham Watson.

John Bolton

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