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geoff threlfall  |  
 26-Jan-12   11:13:14 Date
Message Happy Australia Day - just to let you all know that the Bacchus Marsh Save the Avenue of Honour Group, after over 3 long hard years of fighting, have been victorious and the Avenue is to remain intact. A big congratulations to some patriotic Australians over big business (Mining & Truck Transport)- They are truly worthy of Australia Day recognition. Lest We Forget.

Bob Stevenson  |  
08 9456 4747
 27-Sep-11   14:19:45 Date
Message While serving on Tobruk in 1959, I was temporarily attached to British Army Pack Mule Battalion in Hong Kong taking supplies up into hills in New Territories. (While Tobruk was away torpedoing herself through after deck-house)
Can anyone let me know how long the few of us were ashore with the British Army Service Corps. Dates would be good to know.
Regards Stevo

Gary Haigh  |  
 26-Sep-11   16:40:46 Date
Message There is to be a 40th anniversary reunion of HMAS NIRIMBA - July 1973 Apprentice Intake. The festivities will be held in the Hunter Valley of NSW in October 2013. Please contact Gary with expressions of interest. If you know of anyone who was a member of this group, please pass on this message.

Postal address:

2/4 Elm Close

A.H. (02) 4930 1076

Bob Stevenson  |  
08 9456 4747
 29-Jun-11   13:17:34 Date
Message Just as further update to remind all Pussers and their families to NEVER travel without Travel Insurance. We have been advised by our wonderful travel insurance company CoverMore that the final total of Noelene's claim when she had a major brain hemorrage in USA was $331,550 !!!
They cheerfully (which I think is very important) paid every cent!

Don Price-Beck  |  
0416 060 303
 02-Jul-11   19:19:04 Date
Message Urgently need to contact ex-BRISBANE crew from 1975 trip up top - Need crew details from Cruise Book or names on RO EWS's onboard at the time.

Les Figg  |  
 27-Jun-11   16:02:15 Date
Message Received this email from Kevin Drinkwater via Jacquie Clarey. Any help anyone could give
would be appreciated.
In the hope of helping Helen Nash (widow of LCDR John Nash), I am trying to post this as widely as possible.

Received the following e-mail from Helen Nash who is working hard as a
Welfare Office since her husbands death. After reading the email if
you have any information that may help Helen please contact her at:
jj1andhelen at bigpond dot com

“I am seeking assistance with a submission I
am attempting to put together regarding the deaths of Navy
servicepersons which may be due to time served within Vietnam. The
subject was raised at the recent RSL Qld. Congress and I have been
detailed off by the proposer to attempt to provide figures to the
Queensland Veteran’ s Affairs Committee, of which, I am the Welfare
representative, for presentation to the Minister of Defence, who did
request information regarding this.

The terms of reference are fairly broad, as follow:
1. Member of the RAN

2. Served within Vietnam territorial waters during the Vietnam
conflict for whatever period of time

3. Has suffered from cancer of any type which proved fatal

4. If any children of the sailor has suffered any birth abnormalities

I am aware that there may privacy issues, however, the Navy is a very
close knit group of people who usually know what has happened to their
shipmate and I do not want names of the personnel, only the numbers.
If the submission is successful, the Government will conduct a further

I am ignoring the DVA requirement of the 30 days need to validate a
claim as contact with toxic material is what is called “patient
dependant” in other words, some will have no symptoms of disease
having had contact but others only have to be within the vicinity to
have an effect, something the pundits flatly refuse to recognise. If
you can assist me with this, I would be very grateful.” Helen Nash

Geoff Threlfall  |  
 24-Jun-11   17:39:36 Date
Message Just got back from the final day of 3 days of submissions to a Heritage Victoria Committee which will report to State planning Minister, re; Roundabout in the Bacchus Marsh "Avenue of Honour". It seems National RSL is giving Save the Avenue support. Supporters have been asked to send polite emails to the Victorian Planning Minister asking him to reject the proposal. Those wishing to support us, please email to, matthew.guy@parliament.vic.gov.au , thanks, in memoriam, LEST WE FORGET.

Bob King  |  
 21-Jun-11   09:10:29 Date
Message The SA Greenies mustered for a Meet and Greet on 18 June. Had quite a good turn up and a good time was had by all. Photos of the young lads...albeit often with grey hair or very little...can be found here.....


Geoff Threlfall  |  
 21-Jun-11   00:34:59 Date
Message :cry:Hi all, enjoyed M&G at Stella Maris here in Vic.However was dismayed to discover that members were unaware that the Bacchus Marsh Avenue of Honour was under threat of being cut in two in the name of progress & traffic management. Even the local RSL have agreed to the removal of 5/93 year old elm trees to put in a roundabout. The President is ex-pusser. Have a look at FaceBook "Save the Bacchus Marsh Avenue of Honour" site & spread the word. Cheers Geoff Threlfall.

Dave Duffy  |  
(07) 32931963
 02-Jun-11   16:55:03 Date
Message This has just come in on the e-Fleet notice board of the Naval Association of Australia

CThe latest info from p&o and carnival cruises:-
Carnival Australia has introduced a new program onboard it's fleet to pay tribute to serving and former members of the Australian and New Zealand Defence forces.
Under the program, all Defence Force personal including discharged and retired servicemen will receive an onboard credit of up to $250 when booking a cruise with P&O Cruises Australia, Princess cruises or Cunard.
The program is eligible to all three branches of the Defence Forces, including the Royal Australian Navy,Air Force and Army.
Carnival Australia Senior Vice President Jenny Lourey said the company was extremely proud to introduce the program.
"We think it's a great way of acknowledging the men and women who give so much for their countries." Ms Lourey said.
To receive the benifit,servicemen simply need to provide documentation at the time of booking, demonstrating their service in the Australian or New Zealand Defence Force.

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