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Bob King  |  
 21-Jun-11   09:10:29 Date
Message The SA Greenies mustered for a Meet and Greet on 18 June. Had quite a good turn up and a good time was had by all. Photos of the young lads...albeit often with grey hair or very little...can be found here.....


Geoff Threlfall  |  
 21-Jun-11   00:34:59 Date
Message :cry:Hi all, enjoyed M&G at Stella Maris here in Vic.However was dismayed to discover that members were unaware that the Bacchus Marsh Avenue of Honour was under threat of being cut in two in the name of progress & traffic management. Even the local RSL have agreed to the removal of 5/93 year old elm trees to put in a roundabout. The President is ex-pusser. Have a look at FaceBook "Save the Bacchus Marsh Avenue of Honour" site & spread the word. Cheers Geoff Threlfall.

Dave Duffy  |  
(07) 32931963
 02-Jun-11   16:55:03 Date
Message This has just come in on the e-Fleet notice board of the Naval Association of Australia

CThe latest info from p&o and carnival cruises:-
Carnival Australia has introduced a new program onboard it's fleet to pay tribute to serving and former members of the Australian and New Zealand Defence forces.
Under the program, all Defence Force personal including discharged and retired servicemen will receive an onboard credit of up to $250 when booking a cruise with P&O Cruises Australia, Princess cruises or Cunard.
The program is eligible to all three branches of the Defence Forces, including the Royal Australian Navy,Air Force and Army.
Carnival Australia Senior Vice President Jenny Lourey said the company was extremely proud to introduce the program.
"We think it's a great way of acknowledging the men and women who give so much for their countries." Ms Lourey said.
To receive the benifit,servicemen simply need to provide documentation at the time of booking, demonstrating their service in the Australian or New Zealand Defence Force.

Brian (Bungy) Williams  |  
 22-Apr-11   10:48:24 Date
Message I'm looking for a photo of Derwent as she crossed the Bight. The photo was taken by an Orion and was Derwent clear of the water. It was also published in the trip book. Chris Wright was the WEEO and the music played on 7CV - Star of the Sea. We later had to have 'bandaids' welded on both sides at the water line in Stirling. I think it was mid 70's. If someone can email me a copy I would be very greatful. Tug (Doc) Wilson was the DJ.



Norm Holden  |  
 21-Feb-11   18:32:09 Date
Message G'day,

If anyone is interested I have put a few video clips up from the SA Greenies Meet & Greets.
If you go to this website you will find them there:


Cheers ,

Norm Holden

Jock Capper  |  
 15-Feb-11   17:43:53 Date
Message As some may know, David Forster of Hollows Solicitors in Victoria has had his business placed in protective receivership by the regulators. Note he has done a lot of veteran's affairs work, notably on the Voyager collision.
You can read more about the receivership here:

Its crucial that not just Melbourne survivors who had cases run by Hollows, but also Voyager survivors who may have used him also seek advice as soon as possible. It really should not matter how long ago the settlements were - in fact David Forster has spent a long time arguing that time limits shouldn't matter in litigation!

It may be quite possible to re-open the billing that Hollows has conducted on their file. They should immediately contact either their solicitors or the victorian regulators - such as the Law Institute of Victoria or the Legal Services Board. Time is of the essence.

Peter Maher  |  
 13-Feb-11   12:36:11 Date
Message G'day there Peter,

I have been away down in Victoria working with "Blazeaid" helping to rebuild fences for farmers affected by the floods (3 in six months). Hence my slackness in reply.

You might like to checkout wwwblazeaid.com and recommend it to my fellow Greenies. Your time with these farmers will be well received and greatly appreciated.
The work is not hard it is more a need for numbers on the ground. And some of the Farm lunches are fantastic, like freshly baked apple pies just out of the oven (don't hope to stay on a diet).
All one has to do is get to a "Blazeaid" base and all meals are taken care of.

John Sutton  |  
 20-Jan-11   17:58:39 Date
Message So sad to hear the news that both Dave Dunn and Stan Deas both passed away recently. That's not to lessen the sadness surrounding the passing of other green brothers posted to the Big Switchboard, but I had known both Stan and Dave.
With Dave, I served post-navy as an instructor at both Nirimba and Cerberus and in 1997 Dave got me my current job. I remember Dave as a light hearted bloke, a big smile and grin, and a generous person. Both my wife and I are deeply saddened at his passing. He was a close friend.
Fair winds and following seas .......

Lindsay Shanks  |  
07n 46307760
 13-Jan-11   08:10:30 Date
Message Hi guys thanks for the concern for us up here in Toowoomba. All on my family & in laws are ok. Having just posted into "Moreton" the wednesday before the Australia Day floods in 74 it brings back some memories. I am the president of the Darling Downs Sub Section of the Naval Association of Australia & we have made a donation to the Flood Appeal & I asked if any of you can help with $$$$$ aust to the appeal please do so. Thanks again for your concern.

On another note I see that Stan Deas passed away. Could anyone let me know what happened. I served with Stan at the slipway in Darwin after Tracy


Peter Maher  |  
 11-Jan-11   09:23:21 Date
Message At the current time, we have 274 members who have given their address as "Queensland", and so, there could be any number of them effected. Our list says that there are five Greenies in the Postcode 4350, which is for Toowoomba, the worst effected area at the moment.

Needless to say, our thoughts are with them and their families.

Peter, Darrell and the Team.

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