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Ron Clark  |  
 09-Jan-11   12:43:10 Date
Message July 2010 - "We have over $1000 in the kitty and are awaiting a response from the local contact in Ballina as to just what is the best way to help the Cadet Unit.Will keep you informed".

What happened at TS Lismore ?

seaun wilton (drac)  |  
 06-Jan-11   17:33:30 Date
Message Dave Dunn (Victoria) who is listed on the Lost Souls page passed away a few days before christmas 2010.
funeral arrangements are yet to be finalised.

Graham Barnett  |  
 27-Dec-10   07:15:33 Date
Message Received an email from Barbara Duncan yesterday to say that Don lost his battle with cancer. Very sad day indeed.RIP

Brian (Bungy) Williams  |  
 14-Dec-10   13:42:27 Date
Message Hi All, I just recieved a phone call informing me that Marion Sweetman passed away on Saturday. She touched so many lives she will be remembers always.

"She's gone to see the Man Upstairs and look after his Typing Pool!"

Brian Williams

 28-Nov-10   01:02:17 Date
Message Hi Guys,

If you'd like to have a closer look at some of the old reprobates from SA, there's some photos from the Oct 2010 Meet and Greet at http://good-times.webshots.com/album/579075063DJaAaP?vhost=good-times


Darrell HEGARTY  |  
02 6495 1401
 06-Nov-10   11:30:25 Date
Message [b]NOTICE TO ALL[/b]
I have just added a link on the [i]PussersGreenies[/i] home page which will take you to a [i]MS PowerPoint[/i] presentation of some quite important email hints and tips.
[b]Especially important is the tip about using 'BCC:'[/b] [i](Blind Carbon Copy)[/i] [b]to send the same email to a number of people.[/b]
Have a look at it, and please, please use the 'BCC:' [b]EVERY TIME[/b] you send out group emails.
[i]Darrell H[/i]

Peter Maher  |  
 21-Oct-10   17:34:04 Date
Message The reason we have the current closing in two months is because of the number of bookings involved. We will make the bookings as soon as they become available, because, attempting to book later may find no accommodation, or only First class available.

Jim Roles5szap  |  
 21-Oct-10   15:46:04 Date
Message The way I read the cruise info, is that there is only 2 months not 18 months out from final count. Correct me if I am wrong


Ted Schloithe  |  
02 98204810
 19-Oct-10   17:31:38 Date
Message Considering all accomodation and meals costs are included in the $600.00 (Estimate at this time), I find the cost to be quite reasonable. As 90 people have already expressed an interest and we are still 18 months out, theoutlook is looking good. There is always going to be a problem with costs for some, depending on where the event is held and the distances people have to travel.

I'm sure the organisers are open to suggestions on where to hold an event, but remember the ground work needs to start as soon as an event finishes.

My thanks to the organisers of the past events.

Jim Roles  |  
 17-Oct-10   17:09:02 Date
Message Regarding the next reunion, as well as the cruise. which probably no more than 50 greenies will be going on, what happens to the 100 or so that cannot afford to go etc. Will there be a function for those 100 or so, elsewhere, or do we have to wait till 2014 to get together as a group. I must admit I personally think that this cruise is elitist. Even though I can afford to go, I won't. I was under the impression that these reunions where for everyone, as has been until now.

Yours Rolesy

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